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G20+ countries pledged $233 billion to fossil fuels, 52% of all public money committed to the energy sector

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Updated: 21 October 2020

Track realtime data on public finance for energy around the world.

As governments across the world continue to invest hundreds of billions in the energy system to reboot their economies, our analysis is expanding to cover more countries and provide a more comprehensive global picture. Countries are also grouped by regions, which helps to identify trends and patterns in their local contexts.


G20 Analysis

The Energy Policy Tracker database is updated on a weekly basis, to provide the latest information about COVID-19 government policy responses from a climate and energy perspective. Our analysis provides a detailed overview of the public finance flows as determined by recovery packages across the G20. Filter by country, energy type, finance mechanisms, and other categories to see, at a glance, what types of measures countries are implementing to tackle the crisis and what is shaping our future energy system.

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G20 governments have pledged to inject trillions of dollars into the global economy to counteract the health, social, and financial shocks caused by the COVID-19 crisis. This large-scale stimulus spending will shape the global economy for decades to come. These decisions could trigger unbearable climate disasters or create a resilient and safe economy powered by clean energy.

Why it matters

Latest policies

Country Jurisdiction Category Policy name Sector Energy Type Mechanism Value committed, USD Date of announcement Policy type Stage Legislation and Endorsing Agency Arm of Government Primary and secondary stated objective of the policy Date of entry into force Implemented repeal date, if any Value as stated (specify currency) Value committed, national currency Value disbursed, national currency Value disbursed, USD: Policy background Links to official sources Links to additional sources
France Ile de France Clean conditional Greening of buses in Ile de France region Mobility Multiple energy types Budget or off-budget transfer ... 1541850220.2643 2020102121/10/2020 Fiscal Energy use (all energy types, consumption in transport, household use, buildings etc) Region Ile de France Government greening buses EUR 1.4 billion 1400000000 Plan to replace all buses by electric and hydrogen buses in the dense parts of the region by 2025 Accessed 22 October 2020
Poland National Other energy Signing of Intergovernmental Agreement with the US on the development of Poland’s Nuclear Powe... Power generation Nuclear Uncategorized 2020101919/10/2020 Other Electricity generation Government To promote geopolitical/energy security, economic growth, technological progress, and the development of a new industry in Poland 19/10/2020 The IGA was signed by US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette and Poland's plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure Piotr Naimski. This 30-year agreement concerns cooperation with respect to the development of the Polish Nuclear Power Program and the civil nuclear industry in Poland. Within 18 months, a joint report will be prepared, detailing the results of a preparatory and design work study, a proposal for the financing structure of nuclear project development, and recommendations on what partner to chose in carrying out the program. This agreement defines US-Polish cooperation in this field "for decades.",206072,1,0,0,0,0,0,departament-energii-usa-umowa-z-polska-ws-atomu---historyczna.html (accessed 19 Oct 2020)
Canada National Other energy Support for small modular nuclear reactors via Terrestrial Energy Power generation Nuclear Budget or off-budget transfer ... 14652014.652015 2020101515/10/2020 Fiscal Exploration or production or processing or storage or transportation Strategic Innovation Fund Government Grow the SMR industry CAD 20 million 20000000 The investment is being made to support Terrestrial Energy in commercializing its SMR technology. Canada has an SMR Roadmap, which outlines a long-term vision for the development and deployment of this technology. Accessed 19 October 2020
Poland National Other energy Letter of intent on the development of the biogas and biomethane sector Multiple sectors Biofuels and waste Uncategorized 2020101313/10/2020 Other Several energy stages Government To bolster, through partnership, the biofuels sector 13/10/2020 The Ministry of Climate signed a LOI with industry members (including PKN Orlen and PGNiG) that states the intention to develop the biogas and biomethane sector together. Biofuels is viewed as a means of diversification and important to the entire economy, including agriculture and transport.,205762,1,0,0,0,0,0,podpisano-list-intencyjny-ws-rozwoju-branzy-biogazu-i-biometanu.html (accessed 19 Oct 2020)
Canada Ontario Clean conditional Energy efficiency measures through the Energy Affordability Program for households Power generation Multiple energy types Uncategorized 2020101313/10/2020 Other Energy efficiency Government of Ontario Government Provide affordable energy 05/01/2021 Ontario introduced the Energy Affordability Program (EAP). Beginning the week of January 4, 2021, EAP will provide electricity saving measures to help participating households manage their electricity-use and lower their electricity costs by up to $1,000 per year; tailor energy-efficiency upgrades based on household income, home heating system, location, and an energy needs assessment; and, simplify access to new and updated electricity saving measures through a single program that replaces the Affordability Fund Trust and Home Assistance Program, which are ending in 2020. Accessed 19 October 2020

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