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31 major economies and 8 MDBs pledged USD 351 billion to fossil fuel-intensive sectors, 40% of all public money committed to energy-producing and consuming activities.

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Updated: 13 October 2021

Track realtime data on public finance for energy around the world.

As governments across the world continue to invest hundreds of billions in the energy system to reboot their economies, our analysis is expanding to cover more countries and provide a more comprehensive global picture. Countries are also grouped by regions, which helps to identify trends and patterns in their local contexts.


G20 Analysis

The Energy Policy Tracker database is updated on a weekly basis, to provide the latest information about COVID-19 government policy responses from a climate and energy perspective. Our analysis provides a detailed overview of the public finance flows as determined by recovery packages across the G20. Filter by country, energy type, finance mechanisms, and other categories to see, at a glance, what types of measures countries are implementing to tackle the crisis and what is shaping our future energy system.

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Why it matters

G20 governments have pledged to inject trillions of dollars into the global economy to counteract the health, social, and financial shocks caused by the COVID-19 crisis. This large-scale stimulus spending will shape the global economy for decades to come. These decisions could trigger unbearable climate disasters or create a resilient and safe economy powered by clean energy.

Why it matters

Latest policies

Country Jurisdiction Category Policy name Sector Energy Type Mechanism Value committed, USD Date of announcement Stage Legislation and Endorsing Agency Arm of Government Primary and secondary stated objective of the policy Date of entry into force Implemented repeal date, if any Value committed, national currency Value disbursed, national currency Value disbursed, USD: Policy background Links to official sources Links to additional sources
Brazil National Other energy Establishes the criteria and conditions for the Surplus Sale Mechanism and the management mechanisms... Power generation Multiple energy types New or extended regulation (IT... 2021121818/12/2021 Energy efficiency Normative Resolution- The National Electrical Energy Agency -ANEEL Government Establishes the criteria for the transfer of energy and associated power with sellers between distribution agents that have surplus energy (called assignors) to distribution agents with energy deficits (assignees).,de%20novos%20empreendimentos%20de%20gera%C3%A7%C3%A3o. (accessed 4/3/2021)
Canada National Clean conditional Sustainable Development Technology Canada investments for clean energy Multiple sectors Multiple renewable Budget or off-budget transfer ... 7904548.8441462 2021110202/11/2021 Several energy stages Sustainable Development Technology Canada Government Support cleantech deployment 10600000 This measure includes SDTC funding announced in February 2021 to Edgehog Advanced Technologies Inc., Intellinox Technologies. Inc, Hydrostor Inc, and QD Solar Inc. Accessed 24 February 2021.
Australia Western Australia Fossil unconditional WA Fracking Project Granted Exemption from Export Regulation Resources Gas and gas products Regulatory rollback or non-gov... 2021100707/10/2021 Exploration or production or processing or storage or transportation Government Exemption granted because the project should help build gas pipelines to connect the area to the WA network and export exemption necessary to make the project viable Western Australian Government has granted a second exemption to its regulations implemented last year that prevent new onshore gas extraction for the purposes of export overseas or being sold to the east coast gas market - new onshore gas must be for consumption within Western Australia
Australia National Fossil unconditional Emissions Reduction Fund New Methodology Approval for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Resources Multiple fossil New or extended regulation (IT... 2021100101/10/2021 Exploration or production or processing or storage or transportation Government Allow CCS projects to access carbon credits and incentivise emissions reduction from energy-intensive sectors such as LNG production and the production of clean hydrogen from gas and coal New Emissions Reduction Fund method approved for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) which will allow CCS projects to be granted with Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). First proponent of the new method is Santos, trying to access ACCUs for its Moomba CCS + gas extraction project
/web/20211008011911/ /web/20211008011953/
Colombia National Fossil unconditional Roadmap for Hydrogen in Colombia Multiple sectors Hydrogen New or extended regulation (IT... 2021093030/09/2021 Several energy stages Ministerio de Minas y Energía Government Primary: Contribute to the development and implementation of low-emission hydrogen in Colombia. The roadmap for hydrogen in Colombia promotes green and blue hydrogen production. By 2030 at least 1 GW of electrolysers alongside a reduction of LCOH to 1.7 USD/Kg in areas of high renewable energy potential. Regarding blue hydrogen, the goal is to produce 50 kilotons by 2030.

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